In January 2018, I made a request for

All guidebooks, policy manuals, and similar materials regularly provided to persons designated as fare enforcement monitors by SoundTransit under RCW 81.112.210.
and got back:

I noticed that 10-20 refers to 10-07 ("Use of Discretion"), which wasn't included, and sent a follow-up request for it. Sound Transit refused to provide it, telling me that it had been replaced by processes in fare enforcement software. When I requested the software, I was sued by a company named Vix Technology. The court ultimately found that they had violated the Public Records Act.

During the Vix lawsuit, it came to light that Sound Transit issued an updated version of these policies in April 2019, known as SOP-FEO, apparently superseding these SOP-SEC policies. There may be a newer version, yet -- I encourage you, reader, to find out!

Last modified: 2020-06-20