I made a request for

All guidebooks, policy manuals, and similar materials regularly provided to persons designated as fare enforcement monitors by King County Metro under RCW 35.58.585.
and got back:

You can also view a single combined PDF.

I have two observations.

One: SOP-TS_102-06, SOP-TS_102-07, and SOP-TS_102-08 contain Microsoft Word metadata indicating some revisions on January 10, 2018 (3 days before I made my request).

Microsoft Word screenshot showing this deleted sentence: "FEOs may engage passengers who appear to be lying and/or attempting to deceive them in supplementary conversation in order to determine the truth about their statements"

The revisions are visible in this alternate combined PDF.

Two: this reveals a Document Numbering System. It seems to have gaps, too. Interesting.

When reviewing these, I noticed a reference to a document numbered SOP-TS_102-22 ("Use of Force"), which was not included in the original set of responsive documents. I submitted a follow-up request for

all documents in the SOP-TS series that were not sent to me in response to my original request. This includes, but is not limited to, SOP-TS 102-09 through 102-14, SOP-TS 102-22 ("Use of Force"), SOP-TS 102-23 through 102-24, and SOP-TS 102-26 and higher, if such documents exist
and got: which refered to (but did not include) the following enclosures:

When I requested these, they told me they were no longer used and gave me a copy of a "Defensive Tactics System" training curriculum instead.

Last modified: 2018-12-15